Wednesday, June 30, 2010

21 weeks

Yesterday I was 21 weeks and the Lil Man is now about 7 inches long, the size of a large banana. I can totally feel his little jabs and sometimes even the hiccups I think. He is usually active during the day and evening before bed.

I am feeling good, still tired some days more than others. Today it was hard to get up, but I was good once I did, till the afternoon, then I was feeling a bit sleepy.

I posted some videos of Grace. One of her riding the carousel and the other of her running amok playing "super baby" with her Aunt Meghann.

She is a hoot, and can be our little wild child, much like her daddy I think. Tonight she was playing with him and shouting, "Da-ddy!" and then he would come over to her on the couch and kiss her face while she pretended to hide.

Sorry about the white light at the end, when I followed her outside the camera didn't adjust to the brightness so I had to end it. But you can plainly see the wildness, that we love.

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Beth said...

I sure do miss Super Gracie. Those videos are so adorable! Give her lots of snuggles and kisses from Memaw and Pepaw.