Tuesday, June 29, 2010

San Diego Pics

Here are some pics from our San Diego trip. We hung with family and went to the fair. I posted the pictures backwards, so this is from the morning we left.
Auntie Meghann being silly with her niece, such a squirmy baby.

Stopping to smell the award winning roses at the fair.

Getting ready to go into the fair in her umbrella stroller that Memaw and Pepaw got her. Doesn't she look like sucha big girl in it??

Ok so we did a pony ride and she wasn't so sure what to think about it at first, but she didn't freak out. Then daddy told us to high five her and she started laughing and smiling. This is mommy trying to high five her baby girl and try to get a picture of her smiling.

Riding the pony with daddy walking by her side! She is just getting so big!

Pepaw put on Sesame Street and she of course was mesmerized! She loves Elmo!

I have more to post and tell about our trip but I need to get off to bed soon. But first a quick story. On the second leg of our flight home, Grace finally fell asleep for about 15 maybe 20 minutes. We were in the back with a bunch of other families and young children. When all of a sudden this family a row up and across start clapping and "yaying" Grace suddenly woke up, sat up, looked at them and started clapping. I was like, "Oh no!" Then all of a sudden they stopped and so I gently pressed her head back down and she fell right back asleep! Ha ha it was so funny I started busting up laughing and had to try to control myself so I wouldn't wake her back up. Not that it did much good on the way home, she was sooo cranky!
Anyways more to come tomorrow.

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