Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kayla's new obession...

So Kayla our beloved first fur-baby soon to be six years old, (thats human years) has a new obession she started last spring, and I had hoped it would not return. Unfortunately it not only returned but has heightened levels of obession. Every morning when I let the dogs out, Kayla knows that the sun is shining and...yes that the birds are singing, and bounds out the back door (never mind mommy's bare feet) to chase the birds. She will spend all day outside chasing the birds or chasing their shadows. It really doesn't matter which. You would think that, that much energy being spent on a single task in the hot sun would wear a dog out. And to a degree it does. Like right now its just a bit past 930pm and she is sleeping quietly with her head on the cool bathroom tile. But it seems like that energy does not die out till at least after Grace has gone to bed.

So because she really loves the birds, she looks like a starving coyote, despite the fact that she gets special high protein high energy dog food. And Briggs gets his diet, low calorie dog food, he is looking a little bit on the chubby side. After all you can't expect Briggs to chase Kayla all day now could you? Not likely.

So I tried to catch a video of Kayla actually chasing some birds..because honestly she does it all the time, but I didn't get any on camera chasing. But! You can see the intent and the obession. I do love my Kayla dog

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Beth said...

What's a dog to do? LOL! Sweet Kayla needs an intervention! ANd Briggs is simply a cuddle bear. I love both of those doggies!