Monday, June 21, 2010

Wendover for Father's Day

We went out to Wendover this weekend for our annual Father's Day Car Show. KSov's family takes a bunch cars out every year and its so much fun. This was Friday night and the beginning of the burn out competition.

Yes that is pink smoke. KSovs grandmother was asked to judge the burn out competition. I am sure one of those previous pics won. For the most part the smoke blew west but one time we had to run away and protect the baby from breathing the smoke.

She was sitting with Daddy watching the smoke. Look Daddy at all that smoke!

Grace loved this lil Rat Rod. This belonged to young Beau who I believe is 6 years old, and him and his older sister Zoey were so great and played and played with Grace this weekend. They would walk her over and she would tug on the brake and turn the wheel. She loved it!

Ok this was the coolest car and it was its first time at the car show.

Yes its the BatMobile....a 2 seater. So sweet!

The front.

Grace and Daddy posing for Mommy.

Some friends offered to get Grace an ice cream cone because the McDonals is next door and they were heading over. I said, Sure if you want to buy it then thats fine with me! (They have 6 kids) and weren't above trying to bribe her attention, although it didn't work. She really was a mommy's girl all weekend and was shy with everyone except Zoey and Beau.

I think she liked it! I am trying to get this ponytail thing figured out and I keep practising. I am getting better though.

This Thursday we are flying out to San Diego and spending some time with the Memaw and Pepaw and all the other family! Also as an added treat, we get to go to the fair! Mommy has a license to eat! Ha Ha!! Tomorrow I am 20 weeks halfway there!!!! Woo Hoo! I am thinking I am going to try to have this baby without any pain meds...Interesting huh? I think I can do it and it should be a shorter labor. Besides I dont want my other leg to be numb! My thigh is still numb from my epidural with Grace.

Here's to a short week!

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