Monday, June 14, 2010

UltraSound Today

Well as of this very moment I can't get my ultrasound pictures to upload. And frankly I don't have the patience to try to figure it out. I asked KSov and he blamed it on the website which I think is highly probable.

So I will simply tell you that the baby is good. And everything seems to be in working order. Oh wait??? What I forgot to tell you was if I found out the sex or not. Well I did and I was going to show you the pictures but they aren't uploading so I will have to do it tomorrow night. I am really tired and this computer is frustrating me. "What?" I am sorry you want me to just tell you the sex is??? Ok I guess I can do that. Alrighty Alrighty enough with the suspense already! Well daddy was right and we are having a boy! I wish I could get these pics to upload. I don't know what the deal is and I hope KSov can figure it out. There is one pic of the profile that is hilarious, KSov and I both were like that is a Thompson nose! HA!
Ok well I tried a last ditch effort and can't figure it out, so till then you will have to be happy with the good news!

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yay!!! a boy! i'm so excited for you guys :)