Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play Time

So we got out our Play Dough for the second time. This was good because we are coming to believe we have a Tazmanian Devil on our hands and play dough time was quiet.

So one of the videos is of her concentrating on her play dough. And the other is her playing catch with a ball. I wish we could have gotten the catch video sooner. The first time around mommy was "catching" and daddy was throwing and she kept making this surprised "wow" face. She does it a couple of times in the video, but she was doing it everytime at first and it was so hilarious.

So Mommy and Daddy were talking about time outs tonight and so far both of us have tried 2 different approaches. We decided we need to research and figure out what is going to work with Grace. And what we can both agree on so we are consistent. She is EVERYWHERE these days and she specifically tests us everytime. We will tell her no, and she will look at us and smile a big smile and keep on doing it! The only way she will stop is if you get up and phyiscally remove her from the situation. Daddy will use his big voice and she laughs. Mommy holds her hands, gets down on her level and tells her, "No, Mommy said, not to do that," and she laughs. Daddy has tried a 30 second time out version where he makes her sit with him for 30 seconds when she disobeys. Mommy has tried putting her on timeout away from the bad thing she was doing. Then I have to keep picking her up and putting her back. Either way she doesn't realize that she is being disipline, and sometimes its a game.
So any suggestions for us, or books to read? She is quite her own little person and stubborn. Very silly and sweet but also very much into testing every single situation! If we are coming your way prepared......!!!!
Tomorrow is our ultrasound. I think I am going to find out the sex this time. I am pretty sure of it..just not 100% yet. But the appointment is at 4pm so I will let everyone know and try to scan some pics tomorrow night. Well actually Daddy will.

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