Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures!!!!!!!

Ok all, I know you had to wait all day... but at least I am an hour ahead of you! The problem was the pictures weren't in Jpeg form and so my sweet hubby fixed that for me and for you! Now here is the 1st pic and you can see, we are looking up from underneath between his legs. The arrow is pointing to the tell tale little boy feature.
Again another version of the first. KSov and I agreed tonight that these ultrasound pics (done at a different hospital) are not as good quality as Grace's.
His legs crossed, our kiddos like to be comfy. Grace still sits like this. Memaw says, Look at those long legs! Maybe he will be tall and all legs like his daddy.

The front of his face, sweet alien baby. :)

Foot print..nothing really to explain here.

And of course the profile shot! KSov and I both cracked up dring the ultrasound because we were like that is a Thompson beak in this pic for sure!

So today we are 19 weeks and this little man is the size of a mango and yes that may seem small, but let me tell you I feel his little squirms plenty!
And he is making me feel fat in my pants that used to be huge! So time to get the fat jeans out and think about some more skirts or dresses.

Oh and on a side note...If anybody chooses to purchase little boy clothes...please buy him older sizes like 6months and older. We have plenty of neutral newborn clothes that Grace did not wear. Really I hate to be wasteful and we appreciate any and all gifts but just want to make sure that he will wear them. Thanks so much and we love you!

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WoHoo!! Congrats guys:)