Tuesday, August 10, 2010

27 Weeks, Running Amok & Rolly Pollys

So I dyed my hair on Sunday and it looks so much better...I needed a change and I still plan on freshing up my layers. Its not styled right now. I am 27 weeks today! Yay! You know what that means? That means in 10 weeks I will be full term! WaHoo! Lets see this baby is supposedly about 2 pounds now (so only six more to match Grace's birth weight) and he is about 14 1/2 inches long. And all legs by the feel of it! He moves so much. When I would get up and go pee in the middle of the night with Grace she would stay asleep, but this guy he wakes up and kicks me or hiccups or stretches.

I took these last night when we were sitting outside chitt chatting. She happens to be wearing the same outfit as those last pics I posted..
Loves this chair. We got her one after Memaw and Pepaw got her one for out visit and she thinks she is hot stuff in it.

Notice she is NOT playing with her chalk? Yeah thats boring as of these last few days..she found some rocks to play with. Oh and this pic yeah Gracie's first lil bug she picked up! A Rolly Polly or Pill Bug or Potato Bug. Unfortunately it did not survive Grace's Clutches, which I discovered after I took this pic of it here in my hand.

Although it was still alive here in her hand, she liked to roll it between her fingers, poor bug was squished to death.

And a general video of her running amok in a crazy way. Love to you all!

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