Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pics from Last Week

So these are pics I took from last week when Daddy was gone and I just never posted them. This is Grace helping me watch the toast! We made egg on toast this night for dinner. This is a spot Grace often likes to be when I am cooking. She usually sits there pretty good when we are cooking.

I dont remember what this face was about, but it sure is a cute surprised look!

After dinner we went outside to check out and water the garden. Grace wanted to stay on porch so thats where she played while I checked out the garden.

Look at this look, this is her, "No Mommy i just told you No and I don't want to come with you and you better not come over here and get me." As you can see she has backed herself into the corner to get as far away from me as she can.

Here is some of our garden veggies. That long hooked thing is our first cucumber...we are sure yet if we let it grow to big, but its huge so we will see. And of course some yellow squash.

Ok so this is the one end of our garden and that plant is the cucumber plant that is taking

These are our tomato plants, and those are our herbs on the outside edge. The tall Christmasy tree like plant is Rosemary, and then Thyme and Basil there on the bottom edge.

That plant on the far end that looks like the cucumber plant and is climbing out of the fence is the cantalope and the squash they are both huge, although no fruit from the cantalope yet.

Oh and thats parsley in the corner there on the bottom. Off I go to pick some herbs for our fresh spaghetti tonight!

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