Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing Under the Table

I thought you would like some updated pics tonight so I grabbed the camera and started shooting away while she decided to play under the table. I wonder if its time for forts soon??? These pics she was hiding from daddy or something like that.
Oh Hi Mommy!

Totally cute and adorable Grace smile!

She thought she was sooooo coool hanging with her blankie under the table.

Laying on her blankie under the table kicking the chair....that was what she was doing.

I called my OB today and of course I don't have gestational diabetes. Which is good, because we want the baby to be healthy and good because I really didn't want to be on some restricted diet. Not that I eat a lot of junk, but I do have a sweet tooth and like to have my desserts when I want them. Especially now after I am done blogging and get my book to read! Who doesn't like a lil ice cream at night?
Have I mentioned that this boy gets the hiccups like no other??? Last night I swear he hiccupped for at least 5 minutes straight before I finally fell asleep.
It poured rain today and the Explorer said it was 60 degrees out! Crazy! I am almost ready for fall. I think the only reason I want it to start getting cooler is so I can have this baby! And then we can take Grace to fun things like the pumkin patch and Wheeler Farms like we did last year.
Well I have to get up early tomorrow for a staff meeting I scheduled so I better get off the computer! Nite Nite!

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