Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight Grace was such a good girl despite bad naps and overall crankiness at day care. Although in the pic below she was frustrated with me for not taking the cheese packet. Here she is trying again to get me to hold the most nutritious part of our Mac N Cheese dinner. (We added hot dogs to it, do we get some points for protein??)
We switched sides and she helped me finish up the noodles.

Those noodles look done Mommy...

Cheese! She kept saying, "Cheese?" and smiling really big. She loves Mac N Cheese, well cheese in general. And who could resist that face???

So I mentioned that I was going to be checking out the cloth diapers bit and this is what I have so far. Once I was able to touch and feel these diapers below called FuzziBunz, it was easy to decide what type of diaper I wanted to use (and talking with the cloth diapering mother of 4 who sold them to me, she offered many valid points with regards to different aspects of different types).
FuzziBunz makes a variety of different styles of their diapers but this style came out last April and I think its the best which is why so far I have 9 (with one more on the way the lady found another one stashed in her closet. These are all new, but bought at a discounted rate because she was getting rid of her wholesale account). These are called "Pocket" diapers and they are "One Size" because they are supposed to fit the baby from birth to potty training! Some other major brands have you buy sized diapers like small medium and large based upon how much the baby weighs. To me that is still buying more diapers than you need. Some people like going that way because they seem to get a better fit, especially when they have smaller or thin babies. I am of course going out on a limb and going to guess the new lil guy is going to be big like his sister. Big babies run in my family.

All of these diapers come with the following: 2 inserts. They look like Maxi pads but they are made of like a terry cloth (I am sure that is not exactly right but dont feel like going to their website right now) One insert is longer than the for newborn and younger age and then one for when they get bigger.

Also the FuzziBunz come with extra elastic. These elastics are nunbered and have pre cut holes for them to button in which you will see down below. The elastics are made to adjust for your babies size, obviously your baby gains weight and its legs get chubby. Cloth diapers need a tight fit or they leak. So they make the elastics marked and cut so you just button them in.

FuzziBunz have snaps, which I prefer over Velcro. Some other cloth diaper brands like BumGenius have velcro across to get a tight fit and secure the diaper, but because we have German Shedders I wanted the snaps to avoid having the velcro get worn down and picking dog hair out of velcro which would be inevitable at our house. The top row of snaps adjusts the waist in and out for tiny or big tummies. And the bottom row of snaps you see there is for the leg holes.
The outside of the diaper is made of a washable leakprook material called PUL. I think prounouced pule, although not sure. So with FuzziBunz you don't have to put on another cover over the diaper.

Below I took a picture of the "Pocket" pretty simple its a pocket that you stick those Maxi Pad type inserts in. Also you can see where its gathered by my thumb, you can adjust the elastic there because that elastic has the buttons on either side to make the diaper a tighter or looser fit. So before you put the diaper on the baby you put one of the inserts in the diaper and then you snap it on the baby and away you go. The white material in the pic below is Micro Fleece and super soft. It is supposed to let the fluid flow through it to the pad but also protect the babies skin from sitting in the ammonia for too long. The micro fleece is super soft and if lil brothers skin is as sensitive as Grace's is this will be great because lots of cloth diapering mommas say they no diaper rash. And poor Grace can get diaper rashes pretty quickly!

Lastly you can see by my thumb in the pic below of the button that has the existing elastic for around the legs. So you figure out what size fits the baby the best and then set it at that number, and they provide a size chart based on basic weight measurements. If the elastic wears out then you thread in new elastics with a saftey pic.
When you change the baby's diaper you shake off any of the poopies in the toilet or sometimes you may need to swish or get a special sprayer for help with that depending what you like to do. Then you pull the inserts out of the pocket part and toss both pieces into the washing machine and follow the instructions for care!

So that is my knowledge of the FuzziBunz cloth diapers, they have lots of other styles like I said, but after checking these out they make the most sense for us. They are meant to be easy to use with less steps, just stuff and fold out of the dryer. Then pull out and put on the baby. They are on the pricey end, $19 each, which is not what I wanted orginally but I have read lots of great positive reviews about being moms' "go to diaper". Although I only paid $14 for these brand new. Whats weird is that lot of cloth diapering mom's have a "stash" of cloth diapers, with several different brands. I am not sure why you would spend money on a lot of different brands of diapers and then use some more than others. To me I want to find the ones that make the most sense and then just buy those. I am not opposed to buying used cloth diapers, in fact I prefer it, but in my search the last month I have not found the FuzziBunz "One Size Pocket Diapers" used, probably because they were just released last April. So now I just have to figure out how many I want to get to have as part of my "stash".
Well tomorrow is Friday!!! Woot Woot! and then its the weekend and my birthday and time for relaxing!
What are your plans for the weekend?


KC and Jonathan said...

Hey. We are cloth diapering too. I'm doing pre-fold in the beginning with a 'thirsties' diaper cover and g-diapers for traveling and such and whatever anyone gives me. Fuzibunz and bumgenius are top of the list. Happy Heinys are good too. The reason why mom's have a few different types is because a lot of of them aren't very different. And some have really cute patterns. Of course there are preferences like snaps vs. velcro. But for the most part a lot of them are very similar. So get what you can get! :) We're doing pre-folds at the beginning with out cover because they go thru so many in the beginning. Anyways, glad to hear you are cloth diappering! I'm super glad it's becoming more popular. And even though they are pricey now, they'll save you tons of money in the long run! Hope you are having a good 3rd trimester!!! :)

Beth said...

Those are adorable diapers! Much better probably than the diapers I used with you and C. I had a ton of them and what were called "rubber pants" to go over them! And Diaper pins! The same system in place when I was a baby. How things have improved now! And of course I love the sweet pics of Grace.