Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last August with Auntie M...
Sorry no new pictures of Grace tonight. She was kind of cranky after dinner so she went to bed early. I made Salmon, green beans, and rice for dinner and she helped me, well she became my helper after she was pushing on my legs and demanded to have me hold her. So we compromised, she became my helper and sat on the counter and watched, and played with the bottle of lemon juice. She is a great helper!

This morning I had my glucose test. I downed my Fruit Punch drink within five minutes and away we went. That stuff doesn't really taste too horrible, until the end but the worst part is it makes my heart beat fast. I had my blood drawn on time and was pleased. The ladies at the LabCorp in my OB's building are great! They find my vein every time! I didnt even tell them this time that I have deep veins. Normally I feel like I have to warn them because then they are digging around in there trying to find my vein.

Thank Goodness that doesn't really bother me! Just a pinch and then its done! After that Daddy and I went to have breakfast because I was starving and jittery and needed some food! And then we were on to my prenatal appointment. The doc said everything is fine, asked of course if he was still moving and of course he is (you all know that to be true). Good blood pressure, good weight, good time peeing in a cup! LOL The most exciting part to me is that after my September prenatal then I get to start going every 2 weeks! Yay, he is coming soon! I can't wait. I know of 2 sweet baby boys that were born just recently and I am so envious I can't wait to hold my own sweet boy. Oh and of course to sleep on my stomach again!

I am still sleeping pretty decent which is good and have been wearing my back/belly band pretty much all the time.

Any pregnant women out there get one, mine was about 35 bucks and is worth having! Especially if your on your feet a lot.

On a side note we recently were invited to go camping in a couple of weeks. Daddy is still trying to decide if he wants to go or not. He and another guy will be hiking in the woods trying to bow hunt. Well Daddy wont be actually hunting because he doesn't have a bow and its really expensive, but he might go to see if he wants to try doing that at some other time. I decided I wasn't into going camping at this point in the pregnancy, I think I will be just uncomfortable and then it won't be any fun trying to chase Grace around and entertain her. So no camping for me this year...maybe next year we will make it out.

I just started the 3rd and final book in a series my SIL let me borrow. I am not going to say too much about this series because I have some sneaky things up my sleave, but so far its been good, although a little slow to start. I can't wait to get into this last one.

Well time to sign off and grab my book! Love to you all...................

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