Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More insulation, new updates

We recently signed up for a company to come in and with no cost to us put more insulation in our attic. They do the paperwork and when we get our rebate checks from the power and gas companies we turn them over to them. So we scheduled an appointment for them to come and once we decided to do this, KSov wanted to get some updates done on the house for us before our insulation was added. So this first pic here is for my brother C, who when he came out to visit us told KSov that the mark of a professional installion of a TV on the wall is that you can NOT see the mounting racks poking above the TV. As you can see there are now no racks poking up. Ksov got in the attic and wired a plug behind the TV and made a hole so that the wires wouldn't be hanging down or out of the closet! I took this picture tonight and that is the Next Iron Chef paused their on my DVR. Hee hee.
The other thing KSov did was wire up 2 ceiling fans! Yes!!!! I love ceiling fans, well who am I kidding I plain just love fans in general. But its nice to have a ceiling fan, much classier and added bonus is we don't have the wires and extension cords to trip over in our room. And your right..we still haven't painted the closet doors. I know what your thinking...hmm, ceiling fans before doors. But the less insulation KSov would have to lay in the better. We used our Home Depot gift cards for them. KSov picked them, they are really nice. The bedroom has a nickleplated base (to match those nickleplated hinges I brought home from you mom).
Oh and by the way we do have a bathroom door now! That has been painted and put in! KSov painted and I installed, after we couldn't find the screws I remembered we brought those new hinges and they worked great! So Thanks for those.
Here is the baby gated mounted. Just thought I would take a quick snap of it while I was taking pics of the fans and such.

And here is the other living room fan. I love this. It is soooo nice to have more warm light in this room. As you can see this room had no ceiling lights or canned lights or anything. So we had to purchase a lamp when we first moved in so we could see. The added bonus now of fan and lights I just love. Plus I love the antique brown er bronze shade of this one. Although you can't see it in this picture you can see how well it lights the room. Yep you can see all the stuff all over the couch and even Briggs there in the corner.

Sorry no new pics of Pooks tonight. But we did give her Asparagus last night which she loved! This girl loves anything mommy and daddy love. And she is getting so good at eating grown up
food. We give her her baby food and then some of our plate now. It dosn't even matter that girl doesn't have any teeth! She just gums up whatever, even meat! Sunday night she had Grandma Janeens homemade cheese and augratin potatoes and ham and homemade rolls! Yummy!


Beth said...

I love all the improvements!! I am so proud of you guys! The baby gate is perfect, too! Thanks for all the great pics!

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Hi Ashley! I like your hair! Did you decide which color you liked better? We are doing very good, we are getting so excited for the holidays, we love the holidays! Looks like you had fun at wheeler farms, I love taking the kids to stuff like that. They always have so much fun :) Oh and I love that pink coat you have Grace in It is so cute! Tell Kent and Grace we said Hi!! Love ya