Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall is for sweaters

Ok so my Grandma crochet this sweater for Grace and I absolutely LOVE it on her! It is so stylish and cute and seriously isn't she just a doll in it? I took these pictures on Monday night. I fed Grace and then quickly gave her a bath (she was a dirty lil baby). We got her in her pj's early and then headed off to Sports Den. On Saturday when I was out getting my hair done I saw a sale on snowboards at Snow Den or Sports Den. Shoot I forgot what its called, Sports Den I think. Well we ended up driving around longer then we intended and so didn't get to the store till 10 minutes before it closed. But at least I got to see Pookie in the cutest sweater ever! LOL.
These pictures she looks soo tired but really the room was dark because we were seconds from leaving and I had the flash on. So I was blinding her with the flash taking pictures

So I promised sweater pics Grandma! Thanks again, I love this sweater on her!

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Beth said...

LOL! So cute! And an adorable sweater too! Grandma is so talented at crocheting! I love it. And I love the little girl in it even more!!! *kiss*