Monday, October 26, 2009

Could she be....

...the next Britney, Shania, maybe Taylor Swift???? So unfortunately Mommy and Pookie were at home by ourselves because daddy had to go out of town for work. So maybe that led to the video your about to see. But the more likely reason is that Mommy is just a goof and like to sing and dance. So that being said, Please forgive the flat notes and bad singing!


So this video took forever to load! I had to cancel it and reload it! Sorry it took so long! Dontcha love that little attitude?

So what I forgot to mention before I hurriedly hit Publish is that she had carried that long note with me right before I got the camera! She was dancing and singin with me when I started singing to her. And you may have guessed but can't see but I was dancing behind the camera. (What me dancing???No Way! ) lol!

And yes because I am behind the camera (I set it on the counter)I decided to post it. Did you notice how she occasionally kept looking at the camera dead center? What a cutie pie!


Beth said...

We loved it! That was hilarious...she was trying to sing a duet with momma!

KC and Jonathan said...

I just checked in on your site and I love it! what a cutie! -kc


that is the cutest thing ever! she is soooo YOUR daughter :). maybe we should show her your 5th grade talent show video? or perhaps the "harper valley pta" one :)! haha...sooooo YOUR daughter!