Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend KSov and I went out on a double date. The Lil Miss stayed with Grandma Janeen, while we went to dinner and then to a place called Boondocks. We played Minature Golf and hit the batting cages. The batting cages were a ton of fun.
Then Saturday Ksov layed around till around one just be lazy, before we headed out to run some errands. A quick stop to a place called Kid to Kid where we picked up Pookie's Halloween costume for 5.99. Its a used one. We went with a little black and white Cow! I felt it went perfectly with her love for her Moo Cow. After that we went to a new grocery store called WinCo which we first heard about from my dad. They were packed! KSov had to fend off some people in order to find us a cart. We overspent a lil, but they have some real good deals! Like small avocados for .28 cents each! Its a cool store. So we got our groceries and took them home and went down to get the Lil Miss. She had such good naps at Grandma's house, 2 two hour naps!

Today we just hung out. Mommy put on these cute pink lil sneakers with her tights and her lil jean dress. Of course she wanted to rip them off her feet and eat the laces like her monkey at Memaw's house. So mommy took them off of her and took some more pics.

Hello in there!
I love this picture! She has done this a lot lately. She reminds me of my golden retriever Sophie, she will put stuff in her mout and carry it around, like socks and baby bibs! She had just put a bib in her mouth and then turned around like, "What huh?"

Isn't this dress soo cute? Whoever gave it to us thanks! I don't remember anymore! I put in her closet and realized it was size 9 months this weekend. So I put her 6 months tights on her and she was so cute in it. I want to try to get some more cute tights for her, but that will awhile. On a side note I am really mad tonight. I was doing laundry and discover that the OshKosh overalls I got Pookie have broken! One of the straps twisted until it broke off! I am going to try and contact Osh Kosh and see if they will replace them.

Well thats all for tonight. Hugs and Love!

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Beth said...

Oh my! She looks so big in this pictures. And it looks like she is getting a lot more hair. Sending smooches and lots of love from Memaw!