Friday, October 9, 2009


So I have to say I sure am glad its Friday. Usually thats a setiment people always have on Fridays. The weekend is upon us and we can relax and NOT think about work.

Oh and I am not going to think about the girl who called me yesterday from the hospital. I just don't understand people. This girl calls me. (Remember that its important) and she starts asking me to verify my information. Says she is calling from the hospital were we delivered Pookie. She is trying to protect me and protect the hospital and needs to verify some information before she can ASK me what SHE called for. (Are we getting yet where this is going??) Well I verify my name and birthdate and she starts to ask about my address and thats when I get ramped up again. You see I see a lot of fraud working for a bank and I try to give my customers good advice because I hate to see people become victims from lack of knowledge. I always tell my customers if YOU call a company then they will want to verify you so its ok to give them information they need to verify you (especially if you don't have your account number or something). But if a company calls you and wants information don't give it to them.
This girl was flabbergasting me. I kept telling her, "You called me you should have all this information right there." (I mean really does she think I am going to give a fake phone number?? She asked for me by name when she called and I said, This is her) She kept telling me, "Mame this is for the HIPAA laws to protect you. What a nimcompoop! I said why don't you ask me what you orginally intended to call me for?? You called me!! (Over and over I said this) Finally she says, Mame I am going to have to terminate this call because your being difficult. I said "Fine by me! You called me!"
Seriously what idiots. The bad thing is I really don't think she was a fraud operator, she was too dense.
So this weekend I am not going to think of those things and all the other stressers in my life right now. I am going to get my hair done tomorrow and have a birthday massage courtesy of my mother in law and maybe a pedicure. Some lunch with the girls and then back home to my darling hubby who will have to get used to my new hair but will adore me anyways. I will come home to my sweet adorable daughter who is so full of life and joy she brings a smile to my face everytime. And I will come home to my crazy maniac dogs my couch potato Briggsy and my ferocious but loyal Kayla and we will relax as a family and enjoy the weekend before another harrowing week of work.

I hope everyone has a truly enjoyable weekend spent with the people they love.
God Bless!

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me:)