Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bearly Sleeping

So tonight I had to take some videos before bedtime. She is showing her lil personality all the time. She was screaming soooo much last night and tonight. Yes I mean that shrieking and laughing thing they do when they are discovering their voices more all the time. Oh and we had corn on the cob tonight for dinner and so we know that our little girl likes corn. But it was so funny when I gave her my corn on the cob when I was done with it. She didn't like the feel of the corn when she went to pick it up. She kept hesitating to pick it up and a couple of times and just tried to bring her mouth to the corn sitting on her tray in her high chair. She finally picked it up but it wasn't the good end. So I took it and turned it around for her but then she thought, "Oh Mommy is going to hold this for me." And just opened her little birdy mouth. I was like, "No silly here you take it" I set it back down and there we went again with trying to eat it without holding it. Finally when she decided it was actually worth it to pick it up then she was like making all these cute lil sounds and talking and grunting and babbling away.

Oh and check out in the video how fast she crawls. She knows now that when she wants to get somewhere she just gets down and goes!

We also got a mounted baby gate this past weekend and KSov intalled in on Monday.

As for me, I am tired. Its been busy busy busy for me at work. I have been a "teller" in the mornings till one when my afternoon teller gets there and then I go to a much needed lunch. I then come back and try to get some of my work done in the remaing hours before the end of the day. I joke that I am out of "teller shape", because I used to teller on my feet for nine hours a day and didn't feel nearly as worn out. I suppose I was younger then too, ha ha.

Luckily for me I did have one of my new tellers start this afternoon. Poor thing I was so unprepared for her. Its a good thing she just has a bunch of reading and pre course work to do anyway, but still.

Well I just got the low batter signal and its probably good that I go to bed too. Tomorrow is Thursday one day closer to Friday and the weekend.



Beth said...

I finally am posting to all your wonderful videos! I especially love this last one of her in her pj's. Her hair looks like it's really growing! And she is so verbal! I miss her so! Kisses from Memaw and Pepaw! We love you guys!!

Beth said...

oh yeah...forgot to say....I am so glad you all got that baby gate up...she is motoring so fast now, I know she must be keeping you on the go, and you are glad that it's up, too!