Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daddy and our lil "Bear Cub"

These pics are from last night again but they are before I did the video and I took them with her wearing her lil sleeping cap. She looks just like a little Christmas Elf to me. I just LOVE these pajamas, don't you? I love how it makes her tummy pop out and I just want to snuggle her up!

Also I am adding this so hopefully nobody has read it yet,ha ha! Saturday morning I am dying my hair and cutting it, well just some long layers. Although I am thinking about bangs too. I probably shouldn't because I am always touching my hair and they will most likely bug me, but I am still thinking about it. Also I am trying to decided how dark I should color my hair. Yes I am going to go brunette again. I really do prefer being a blond, but my hair is so ash blond right now that adding low lights to "fix it" will make my hair look gray. (Believe me I have been here before, unfortunately) So I am going to go dark and then eventually slowing go back to blond again. But more gradual with the blond. So any suggests for my brunette hue? I of course will take some pics when its all done.
Nite Nite!


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Your roof looks great! I bet you are very glad it's all finished. Sorry you have been so busy at work, hopefully it will slow down for you soon:)

Beckie said...

She looks so cute in those jammies, they look so warm and comfy. I wish I had a pair LOL!