Monday, October 19, 2009

Wheeler Historic Farm

Saturday I decided I wanted to go to a pumpkn patch and so I found Wheeler Historic Farms where they have farm animals. And although we didn't pick any pumpkins out of their fake pumpkin patch I did take a ton of pictures oh and one video! Hope you enjoy, we sure did have fun! Oh and these are in order of when we got there!

Moo! Grace loved the cows, I think she really thought they were like her Moo Cow...well maybe.

Mommy and Pookie by the cows.

Daddy and Pookie

A donkey..hee haw!

Looking at the rabbit. The picture of the rabbit wasn't so good so I deleted it.

Chickens. We were able to see more chickens up close and she didn't like them they scared her.

Not sure what she was looking at here.

The back of one of the building, I thought looked cool.

Mommy and Daddy, trying to get that sweet lil Miss to look up on the wagon ride. Hmm I wonder where she gets her looooonnngggg tongue?? Any ideas?

The trees are changing color!

She just loves it when KSov massages her gums, he is always sticking his finger in her mouth! Silly baby.


Oh yeah, here was the other chickens and I was going to take one of her with the chicken but she got scared so we stopped. But I don't blame her those chickens were mean!

Mommy and Grace again, next to a pretty building.

More pretty leaves and stream.

She was reaching for the ducks.

And the wagon ride video, short but sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis, love readin up on what you guys been doing and how big Gracie's getting. Gosh can't believe its been 2 months since our vacation to san diego. Well I hope you guys are havin a good week and I miss you and can't wait till the next time we get to hang out. Love ya.

Beth said...

Oh, these pics of your trip to the farm are so cute! Looks like she is getting more hair too! Just adorable. You look great too! Love the new hair color! *hugs* sweetie, I love you!!