Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artistic Baby

This is Grace's favorite past time as of late. She loves to color. I recently let her stand on a chair with it pulled up to the counter. This usually works pretty good because she will stand there and color quite contently, while we cook and clean the kitchen. Look at that concentration! The only bad thing is if she drops or wings crayons off the edge, then I found out that the tips break. (And look how clean my counter is! Love it!)

She loves to color and we let her have a max of about 5 but usually about 3 at a time, that way we dont have crayons all over the place.
She has only fallen off the chair once, and who knows what happened because I didn't see it. Not that it really matters that much anyways because she can move those chairs around and climb up on them all by herself now anyways.

She is such a good girl. She has a bad diaper rash tonight and so when we said our prayers we prayed that her little bottom would get a lot better by morning. Also have I mentioned she is finally cutting herself another bottom tooth? So now she hasher top 2 teeth and the ones next to them. Bottom 2 teeth and one on the left is coming in. And she has molars popping out one on each side on the top and we think soon we will see molars on the bottom. Daddy thought he felt swollen gums back there on the bottom the other day.
Today I am 23 weeks and the little boy is still apparently a large mango, about 11 inches long and one pound. I had the thought today that I think this little guy is going to be one baby that will like being rocked to sleep. It seems to me that almost everytime I am still he starts kicking or poking or wriggling. And that when I am moving he is a chill little boy, probably asleep!
I got a mattress topper for our mattress today. I ordered it off of Overstock and hopefully it will help me sleep. We have had some issues with our mattress. When we first got it we loved it, then we started getting indentions in it, and then we made it firmer and now its almost too firm for my pregnant body. Since you can only really sleep on your side I find myself tossing from side to side all night long and shaking out numb shoulders and arms. So I am hoping that, that will help with the sleeping. Because with Grace I didn't toss and turn and not sleep as much as I am with this one.
I also got a Moby Wrap ordered to carry the little one in. I am excited to see how it works. And have I mentioned this one lately? Probably not because it was just Saturday I was thinking and researching it, but I am considering doing cloth diapers with this one. Cloth diapers have a lot of expense upfront but then the only added stress is supposedly about 1-2 extra load of laundry a week. We can afford the cost now, and I think that might help us financially when I am at home with the kiddos. Also if I buy them second hand (supposedly they resale well too) then I would save even more. Or even get the pattern and have them made. There are lots of different options with cloth diapers now and it can be a bit confusing but I have been thinking and looking into it, so we will see. If anybody has heard of people's experiances with cloth diapers, let me know!
Well I think that I need to get off this computer and see what my sweet hubby is doing. HUGS!!

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Beth said...

such a big girl coloring. I love her concentration. Hope your mattress topper makes your bed more comfy, sweetie!