Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tonight at dinner, drnking her milk, boy was she thirsty. Can anyone guess what she did after making this face???

Today I strapped on my belly band for the second time. The first time I did it too tight or something and I only lasted a few minutes before I took it off. But I wore it Its weird because with Grace I wore that thing all the time, and so far I haven't really felt the need for it. But of course I still have the third trimester left to tackle so we will see. Its been a good week and but I am glad tomorrow is Friday. At work we are waiting for a co-worker to have his first baby. He is so lucky he gets to have a pregnant wife at home and a pregnant co-worker...ha ha he is surrounded by pregnant forgetful women.
My darling husband and I have been working really hard to cut costs in our daily budget, we have switched auto insurance providers, lowered our cable bill, changed dog food (amazing how expensive that stuff is) and are currently in the middle of refinancing. We are very proud of ourselves.
Grace is such a doll, have I mentioned some of her new words recently? Let's see she can say, Mommy, Daddy, Briggsy, Binky and Blankey which sound the same mostly, she signs More and says it, Milk, Car, Ball, Doggies, Shoes (although I think she has forgotten how to say socks since its been summer),Blocks, Trees, House, Side (which can be Inside or Outside) Elmo and one of my favorite lately Amen. Every night Grace and I read a book or two and then we turn the lights our and say our prayers and just recently she started say "A-Men". So cute!!
She loves to play with her Sidewalk Chalk and Color with her Crayons. Also she loves playing with her Play-Doh.
Another recent behavior change is at dinner time, she will eat most of her dinner and then she pick up her plate and cup and give it to me. I will ask her if she is, "All Done" and she nods her head yes, so I get up and clean her face or take her over to the sink and wash her hands and then let her down. But then she will either want to come over to my lap and sit while I finish dinner or with daddy and eat more off of our plates. What do you all think about that? My thought is she is full and not really hungry if she wants down and so I tend to say at first, "No your not eating Mommy's food". But then other times I let her depending on how much she ate of her own food. I wonder if she is feeling like she no longer wants to be in her high chair, because she can climb up on our chairs now and we let her stand and color at the table or play with her Play-Doh (not at dinner time). After all she can't be in her high chair forever! I suppose we might have to start looking into boosters chairs or something.
According to Daddy this morning she was really missing us, I tried to get a kiss before I left for work, but she was not having that and actually gave me a couple of dirty looks before she decided to wave "Bu-Bye" and then blow me a kiss. I guess she was a bit clingy with Daddy when he dropped her off too. Her teachers always tell me how she never cries when we leave. Oh and apparently she is Miss Popular at school too. Whenever I pick her up in the evenings the older kids are always saying, "Bye Grace!" and waving to her. And she turns and says, "Bu-Bye!" about 52 times! What a crack up! I love it!

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