Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I took this pic last night when Grace was playing on our mattress topper and even though she got too close for a good pic, I still thought it was a neat picture of her eyes. I got my Moby Wrap yesterday and tried it on for fun. Your supposed to be able to carry up to 35 pounds, so I stuck my Lil Miss in there. I am actually not holding her with my hands, they are just resting there. 2 Seconds later though she and I were both done. One because she is full of energy and didn't want to be held or constrained and 2 because it didn't seem like a good idea to be wearing it 24 weeks pregnant. It wasn't ideal. But I am so excited for it and the material is sooo long, there are lots of ways to "wrap" the baby. This was just the first time and wasn't perfect of course, but it was surprisingly easy to use.
Who would have thought I would be all earthy and hippy like??? LOL! I remember looking at slings before Grace was born and thinking those sling things do not look comfortable at all! Well I was wrong and if I can breastfeed the little guy easily with it, I will be very much pleased with my purchase!! Plus I love the green neutral color.
Tonight Daddy grilled steaks which Grace was shoveling in her mouth faster than I could cut it off my plate. The corn on the cob was bypassed for steak tonight...hmm I think she is a daddy's girl for sure. But before we ate I got a couple of videos of her outside with her chalk for you to enjoy.
And lastly because inquiring minds want to know, I did sleep better with the mattress topper. I still was up and tossed and turned a few times but not nearly enough, and I think my weird dreams were contributing to the not sleeping as well. We will see how tonight goes.
Sorry I dont have time to retell any stories from the weekend, its already late, but I don't worry your not missing out on any Grace pics because I didn't take any from the weekend.

24 weeks today and still filling good, trying to get some naps in on my lunches these days. The sweet little boy is still a moving and a shaking. I am going to try to find a local place I can actually touch and see some cloth diapers so I know what I want. There are so many to choose from and I am Kinetic learner, very hands on, so its hard for me to choose from just looking at stuff online. HUGS and LOVE!

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