Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Afternoon at the Pool

A shot of the pool. I tried to get pictures of Grace actually in the pool but by the time I got out to get the camera, she was really ready to get out!

Mommy stuck the leftover grapes in the diaper bag and she was just munching on them when we had to get out of the pool every hour for a 10 min sunscreen break.

Grace did pretty well in the pool, she a couple of face plants when she got into splashing and I think next weekend we will try some swim wings or something at another pool.

And no sunburn babies or mommies or daddies so that was good too! The only adventure was Grace making a beeline out of the locker room when I was throwing away her diaper. Lucky for us some lady chased her down, but daddy was waiting outside by that time too.

And yes I did brave a bikini with my pregnant belly sticking out! Ha ha! I love summer!!!!

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