Monday, July 26, 2010


I came home tonight to find THE CUTEST BABY who yelled Mommy!!! with a big grin.
I found this green top when I exchanged some clothes at Kohls and it ended up going so well with her cute overalls. I kept trying to get pics of her little pig tail braids but I couldn't get any real good ones.

I mean cute farmers daughter look here huh?

Say Cheese!

Here are her braids.

Mmm guacamole! She was double fisting the stuff!

This weekend it was Pioneer Day on July 24th which is a HUGE holiday in Utah and they treat it very much like the 4th. On saturday we went up to East Canyon in the afternoon and had an afternoon by the lake. We brought our bathing suits and some chairs and some snacks and hung out. Grace did not like the lake and the small waves and she freaked out and wanted us to hold her in the water. But she loved eating snacks and hanging out on the blanket, in fact she does so well really she never wanders off the blanket. It made us want to go camping and I have been trying to decide if I want to brave a tent camping experience this pregnant. Especially because we love to go camping way out in the boonies where we can let the dogs run around and not have people close by. I am still pondering and it might be a couple of weeks out still so we will see.
Sunday we cleaned house and I did laundry and we watched the Denzel Washington movie called the Book of Eli. It was surprisingly really good, I think one of my favorite's of his. I can't really tell you whats it about with out giving away important bits, but it does have a surprising ending of a sort.
And now its Monday and the beginning of another week. Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks, and I think I probably need a new baby belly pic!
Time to get off this computer! TTFN!

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