Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Tutz

I took this pic back in June and just reposted it for tonight because I didn't take any of Grace, she was CRANKY! Bedtime was 715pm tonight.Today is obviously Tuesday and has been a good day. I am 25 weeks today! Wahoo! That means 12 more weeks and I am considered full term. And when you say it like that, then you think wow that went by fast! Of course you could also look at like I have about 3 months left, Aug Sept and Oct! I can't believe July has gone by so fast. The little boy is still just moving and shaking all the time. Still no names yet, although I have one or two I am kicking around in my head, that I haven't mentioned to Daddy yet. My next prenatal is Aug 12th and I have to do my Glucose test for that. Yuck! I am going to fast and see if that helps so I don't have to do the 3 hour test which I had to do with Grace. Hopefully that helps. I am still feeling pretty good and I am loving sleeping on our mattress topper too. Its a 3 inch one and very comfortable...Thank You Overstock! There are some days that I don't feel pregnant when I am sleeping on it.
The baby is 13 1/2 inches and about 1 1/2 pounds, apparently about the size of a rutabaga. Which I kinda thought was like a potato, but it must be a big one! lol The baby should start gaining weight now and start filling out so he is not a lil wrinkly one.

So last night I forgot to mention that our Grace went poop in the potty!! Ha ha, Daddy went to change her diaper and I said, "Why don't you just let her run around naked for a bit?" She had been tooting a lot and we thought it was coming shortly. Also we have been saying a lot when we see her grunting, "Are you going potty?" Plus the last couple of days in the mornings she has grabbed at her diaper and I have said, "Do we need to change your diaper?" Then she nods yes. So we were getting ready for a bath anyway and then all of a sudden she was in the bathroom and started to tinkle and daddy grabbed her and put her on the potty. I think she was shocked but then she did the rest of her business. We were clapping and praising her and I think she didn't know what to think about it. Then we flushed her potty and gave her a sucker after all she was going to sit in the bathtub anyway! I think we will keep doing what we are doing kind of gradual. I would like to have Grace potty trained by the time lil brother comes around, but someone mentioned to me today that she might see diapers and me changing him and revert back. Do you experienced parents out there think that is a possibility? Of course closer to my due date I think she will understand more and more. And really she gives me more guff changing her than not! Although the idea of tiny little girl underpants seems so grown-up! I don't want to think about her growing up!
Time to wrap up and relax! I think Hells Kitchen is on!

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Oh my goodness look at that baby belly! It's so dang cute:) Ya gotta love a pregnant women;) give everyone hugs and kisses from us!!