Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chips and Salsa Anyone?

Its amazing isn't it? What our children like and don't like? Grace has never been a condiment kind of gal. She doesn't like ranch or ketchup, she prefers her meat plain. Unless its meatloaf in which case I make mine with salsa in it. I also make her scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa on the weekend and I am pretty sure she prefers those over pancakes!

So it came really as no surprise when she figured out that when she dips her chip in salsa and tastes it, it actually is good and tastes like salsa! Of course the end of dinner time was not fun and I had to take her out because she was whining and screaming really loud and its quite echo-ie in Don Antonios. Plus there were that many people so it was totally noticeable!

She is so cute though, and when we got back home she got to color with her crayons for a little bit and we bounced a new bouncey ball we got at the grocery off her head a few times. (Thanks to Pepaw she thinks thats funny and now ducks her head into the toss lol!)

I don't know about you all but I am glad its Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday. Although I am sad that the last of my long weekends have come to an end and I have to work this Saturday.

I am 22 weeks today and our lil baby boy was moving a lot today! This morning, around lunch time and dinner time as well. Normally I just feel him around morning and about 8pmish. I felt pretty good today, not so tired so that was nice. I got a new pair of black maternity work pants and they have a big belly band waist. I had rolled it down this morning and it rolled up by itself. I had thought it was going to bug me but I never felt it at all, all day! The best 20 bucks I spent on work pants! I probably will wear those till I am done! Which is nice because nothing has been comfortable to wear to work lately. Home, yeah, I can wear whatever slouchy clothes I want. But looking semi decent and pregnant is a pain! So I am thrilled about my purchase, also I got a cute maternity dress as well. Its more summery and nice for weekend wear but I think it might be ok with a sweater tossed over for work. Our prenantal appointment is Thursday and I will update you, till then hugs!


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

lol, that is so cute! Toby was the exact same way, loved the salsa:)

Beth said...

She looks like such a big girl dipping her chips in the salsa bowl!