Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ok so this is going to be a quick post as it is getting late. First I took this pic along with 2 other last night on my cell phone. I intended to upload them all but only did one. I think its cute because of how she is holding her special pen on her V-Tech. (Oh by the way if anyone knows if you can buy more pages for the V-Tech let me know) I have only kinda looked into it when we went to Toys R Us a few weeks ago. Ok so here is the serious part. Thank goodness Daddy is back in town tonight, safe and sound. So far his leg seems to be healing as it should and his dr appointment is tomorrow and I will fill you in on how that goes. Also the really strong antibiotics he has been on hasn't been messing his system up like anitbiotics normally do, if you get my meaning. So we are grateful for that.
But this morning when I was getting Grace ready I noticed she had a lil pimple looking thing filled with puss on her knuckle on her pinky finger. I was going to try to drain it, but because a.) she was super cranky this morning and b.) I realized that is how Daddy's infection started as well, I decided not too.
I called and scheduled her an appointment at her pediatrician's office tomorrow morning and hopefully they will have it cultured and what not. Now that daddy knows and his home and has seen her finger (which by the way does look worse tonight, more red and swollen) he is worried. Which of course makes me worried. So I am asking for prayer requests again that our sweet little girl DOES NOT have MRSA. Not to mention that if she does, she probably won't be able to go to daycare either.
So that is our news, please keep our baby girl in your prayers that everything turns out to be nothing.
We love and appreciate you all!

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