Sunday, September 12, 2010

Much to Say

Ok So I have told you all that Daddy has had some issue's with his excema and such lately right? Well on Friday night Daddy told me that the Dr. called him back about his "bug bite". Unfortunately he has a serious staph infection called MRSA. He is on some serious antibiotics and has to keep his "wound" moist and from forming a scab. Also myself and Grace have to keep away from his wound. We have no idea how he got this and the dr orginally said that the infection would have had to been building for a couple weeks for it to be absessed like it was. Also his dermatolgist told him that he has a fungus that is preventing the excema from healing and to stop the steroid cream for a month, so his poor finger and foot are just cracking and the skin is super tender. So needless to say Mommy is super worried about Daddy and is requesting lots of prayer requests this week. He has to go out of town to CO on Monday and will have a follow-up appointment with the dr on Friday back here. When he first went for his wound on his leg the dr. de-brided it and tried it with and without Litocane (sp?) and both ways it hurt really bad, because they had to get all that yucky stuff out. (Don't ask me what debrideding means in medical terms because I have no idea but it didn't sound like a fun procedure).

But on a cheerier side yesterday we had a ton of fun. We went to Golden Corral for breakfast and used a super coupon, then we went off to Costco and Wal-Mart. I got my tub I wanted for Grace's toys as part of my organzing her room (which I worked on a lil bit today). Grace however was melting down in Wal Mart and I should have agreed with Daddy and taken that child out of the store, but we didn't and mommy learned a valuable lesson that sometimes you can't do it all!
We came home for a nap in which both Mommy and Grace slept delightfully long! Then we woke up and decided to go to the State Fair. Grace loved it but decided she would just have us stroll her along the whole time. (Mommy wished she could have gotten pushed around in a stroller by the end of the the night) When is was dark we were iver by the rides and Grace saw the lights from the rides and the music and she kept shrieking! So funny. I got it on video. She would scream and then dance, she just loved it!
Here is my latest pregnancy shot for you, almost 32 weeks here!
Today we have been cleaning and puttering about. Daddy and Aunt Crystal have been taking the cabinets out of her room downstairs on one side so she has more room. Mommy and Grace have been alternating between cleaning and playing. I found her little hat and she wanted me to put it on her then she would want it off again the next minute. We did that a couple of times. I love this pic below because of the way she is standing, because its a version of how Daddy stands sometimes!

I don't know why this is blurry I didn't think it was when I took it. Bummer.

Well the video is from the fair, time for me to get busy again since the Lil Miss is still napping for another hour I hope. :) Got to go check on laundry!

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Beth said...

Oh sweetie, we will keep K in our prayers for his infection to get better. He has really had such a tough time lately. Please give him our love.

Wow, I think your baby belly looks bigger than you were with Grace. And only 16 pounds gained? You are ALL baby!

Love the little hat on her, so cute with wisps of hair coming out around it.

*hugs and kisses*