Monday, September 6, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

since I posted some updated Grace pics and videos so you get a lot today! The last few days Grace has loved her Mr. Potato Head glasses! She literally wore these around on her face just like this yesterday the whole time she was playing with Mr. Potato Head!
I think its hilarious! She kept cracking my up.
These videos are from last week and I was trying to get her to say, "No" because its her favorite word these days and she thinks she is such hot stuff voiceing her opinion all the time. Lets see what did we do this weekend? Saturday we got up and had breakfast and then went down to pick more peaches from Grandma Janeen's peach tree. Unfortunatley we picked a ton last week and then left them in the tied up bags on the counter. We were going to can them all this weekend but they did not last because the bags were tied up and they molded super quick! :( So we picked more and then got groceries and had another couple over for burgers and a movie. Grace missed her nap mostly on Saturday so she went down right after dinner.
Sunday we vegged all day and in the afternoon we canned our peaches too! Daddy worked on Aunt Crystal's car and we had pizza from The Pie for dinner and then watched our other movie. Oh and also Crystal did mommy's make up with the BareEssentials she got her for my birthday. Which was fun!
This morning we got up, watched a lil bit of Sesame Street, (Grace loves Sesame Street so much!) and then decided we were going to go out to breakfast at Golden Corral for their buffet. She did so good, no whining and chowed down on some eggs and hashbrowns and sausage. This girl loves her eggs. Although she also loves her manderin oranges and peaches which she helped herself to off of daddy's plate. She is so good about drinking from a cup with no lid too, because they were all out.
Then afterwards we stopped by Toys R Us and shopped around. I wanted to get some ideas for Christmas and Birthday and such. We bought some picture flashcards and a sing along cd, and also a lil umbrella stroller for her baby. It was only 9 dollars. That was the only way to pull her away from the tricycles when we were ready to leave! Also I think I am going to wrap it back up and give it to her when the baby comes. I wanted to look at tricycles to think about getting one for her birthday or Christmas. She could reach the pedals pretty well and I think she would get it in no time. However I want to make sure she doesnt outgrow one we get her by the time spring arrives next year. They had a cute Radio Flyer one that could be adjusted I think will work.
My "plan" is to get a lot of Christmas Shopping and birthday shopping for people out of the way and done before Christmas so we can budget for it. I know your saying to yourself, "Christmas??? Its just now September, how can you think about that now?" But I want to enjoy the holiday time with my family and not worry about buying this or buying that. Or at least have things priced and a list made so that we stay within out budget. Last year was so enjoyable because we stuck within our means. And I am proud of us for doing that!
On a side note, poor daddy is falling apart. Ever since we went to San Diego at the end of June he has a had a bad breakout of excema on his finger and now the nail is coming off. His feet are totally breaking out as well and his plantar's wart on his foot is finnally healing. Also he got bit by a spider we think on the back of his thigh and his sister looked at it and wanted him to get on antibiotics. The swelling as of last night was about 3 inches in diameter and was getting bigger. This morning the swelling hasn't gotten bigger (hopefully due to the antibiotics) but he says it hurts more now in his muscle instead of just when is shorts rubbed against it. Poor Daddy! He has been to the dermatologist several times now for his excema but we are thinking we need to see another one because what the dr is prescribing is just not working. Right now he is relaxing downstairs because the anitbiotics are making him nauses. (We put a pork roast in the crock pot for BBQ pork sandwhiches this morning and we both think it does not smell good! :P One pregnancy related, one antibiotics!)
So please say a lil prayer that Daddy heals up! Time for me to go change the laundry, so we have clean clothes!


Beth said...

Hilarious videos of her. Such a little person! You all have had a very busy, fun weekend!

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

That's cute! Luke did the same thing with his potato head glasses it was cute:) When is your little man due? How are you feeling?