Thursday, September 23, 2010

Egg Drop Soup? Yes Please!

We went to get Chinese food on Monday and I took this picture of Grace after she was slurping down Daddy's Egg Drop Soup. What a funny girl! So I have a feeling that I haven't been posting much of anything this week and figured I better give some updates.
First thing first, Daddy is off his antibiotics and his stitches are probably coming out Monday or Tuesday. The cyst in his leg was actually a Lipoma which is a benign fatty tissue that can stay the same size your whole life or get bigger but doesn't really do any harm. Not sure of the connection to the Lipoma with the Mrsa but he had both, so yeah. His leg still aches and hurts and he catches it accidently sometimes on the truck seat but the wound itself is healing good.
Grace's finger is all healed up, I gave her a bath tonight without the bleach in it and I will be calling the dr about her antibiotics tomorrow. We all know Daddy and Grace have hyper sensitive skin and daddy developed a rash so the dr told him to get off the antibiotics. (The rash can be really bad news). But the rash on daddy can also be from the constantly bleached clothes towels, sheets and blankets. The fabric softner or in fact from the antibiotics. But as of now he is off of them. Grace we noticed getting a rash yesterday and it kind looks like her excema but kinda doesn't. Her bottle of antibiotics is still full and she only takes 1/2 ML 2x a day which is a super tiny amount, so we want to see how much longer she needs to be on the antibiotics for.
As for Mrsa in site!
Today I had my prenatal. Yay! Nothing new really, the usual pee in a cup, get weighed, blood pressure, listen to the heartbeat, measure your stomach. I think I may have gained a pound in 2 weeks but I can't for sure remember last weeks weight. I am now on weekly prenatals, and will be 34 weeks tomorrow! Woo Hoo! At 35 weeks they test for the Group B Strep which I had with Grace. I asked the dr if since I had it with Grace then they don't have to test again or what not, but its just a swab down there and they test it to see if you have more or less colonized or something. So just because I had it before doesn't mean I will have it again. Is what the doc said.
The one bummer that I have been experiencing more and more especially this week is sciatic nerve pain. That kills me, because I will be walking around and suddenly I get a shooting pain from my butt down my thigh and it just takes my breath away! I can barely walk and my face contorts to a grimace I am sure.
But this lil man has not slowed down in his movements for sure! Especially as I have been writing this post for the last 20 minutes! Rolling and stretching and kicking in all his favorite spots!
I was able to pick up a book on HypnoBirthing today at the used book store by my work for only 5 bucks! Normally 20! I am going to read it and see what techniques I can pick up for having the baby without an epidural.
This weekend we plan to can some tomatoes, they are finally coming on and are eagerly sitting on our counter waiting to be canned.
Also some more relaxing for sure because as you can tell from my lack of blog posting I am not in the mood for doing anything!

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