Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These were the days...

....that I am not going to remember because I haven't been up to blogging! LOL Lets see on Monday nightwe made hamburgers stuffed with fontina and gruyere cheese. It was experimental and good. We ate outside because it has been warm/hot still. The highs are 89 and 90 all week, and I hate to say this, but summer girl is ready for fall! I am sure it is just temporary while I am pregnant and next summer I won't be saying this. Grace is such a little copycat (I almost typed copymaker, which only a few readers would understand) daddy and I were both reclined in our patio chairs and she had to, too. So I stuck a pillow behind her so she could recline and eat her corn on the cob. What a hoot she is.
She also has been super in love with Briggsy too. Sometimes we call him Buddy, like Hey buddy come here and get some lovin. This weekend it was, "Buddee this and Buddee that" He tolerates her so well, and she loves it when he licks her face. Go figure.
I slept pretty well last night and felt rested this morning when I woke up which was nice.
Although there has been no reprieve from the kicking and rolling and moving. In fact the laptop is jerking about now as he punches his opinion out.
I had a dentist appointment today and everything is good there although I felt silly because they had me tilted back upside downish you know and I about died. I started out uncomfortable on my back and then the blood started rushing and the light was shining and I was sweating by the time I said, "Sorry guys but I am feeling really lightheaded." I love our dentist and they were so sweet to me. They sat me right up and the dentist said I had beautiful teeth! Which is great compliment from your dentist you know cuz he sees it all!
I think thats about it for now, I can't be bothered to do much these days after I get home from work and get Grace down. I will update on Saturday how the prenatal went on Friday and try to get some more pics or videos!

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LoriAlbrecht said...

Your post reminded me of how special it was when JJ was in my belly. I never thought I would miss being pregnant, but having him inside and feeling him kick is a pretty special thing! :)