Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meltdowns are Rampant

So I got some pics of the Lil Miss on my phone during and after her meltdown. Luckily you can't tell that she is super snotty and has a tear streaked face.
Yep thats the meltdown. Throwing herself down onto her sheep pillow. Although its amazing how quickly she can settle down into bed. Its like she knows the routine and fights it with every single cell in her body, but as soon as I sit her down in the rocker and grab a book and blankie-instantly we calm down. Snuggle into Mommy and start pointing out all the things we can see in "Goodnight Moon".

So it recently it occured to me that I might be counting my weeks wrong. As in my pregnancy. All this time I have been counting my "week" date on Tuesday's. Now that I am getting closer to my due date of Nov 5th, I realized that, that day is a Friday and so counting backward from Nov 5th I will be 33 weeks on this coming Friday. (Which makes me thrilled of course)
But for today I am still 32 weeks along so I will fill you in on what the lil guy is supposed to be doing at 32 weeks.
The baby weighs about almost 4 pounds at 3.75 and is about the size of a large jicama. Not that I buy jicama large or small so I can really picture what that looks like. You all can google it, I can feel how big he is and how strong his constant hiccups are. :)
I am supposed to be gaining about a pound a week now and half of that is going to the baby. So far in my pregnancy I have only gained 16 pounds. Which I didn't try to do, (yall know when I was in San Diego it was no holds bar at the fair!). I just eat regularly like I always eat and try to get a lil bit extra calories in here and there. I also stopped paying attention to the scale, so I wasn't really keep track at all. The dr isn't worried because as long as I gain at least 15 pounds he is happy and plus I will be over that by the time the baby is actually born. I do know that I am not really pigging out on things I would normally like to pig out on because it gives me heartburn and indigestion and then I am popping the Tums. In fact I have been thru the Tums a bit within the last month. If you recall I tried to pig out on ham and augratin potatoes homemade that Janeen made for my birthday and paid for it.
Also the baby is supposed to have his toenails and fingernails now and his skin is becoming soft and smooth as he fattens up for his arrival!
Let's see what else is new? Haven't talked yet with Daddy tonight but I will find out how his leg is doing and hopefully its starting to feel better.
Work is good, nothing new there, just trying to stay up to date with everything and get ahead so it will be easy when I am gone. Tomorrow is Wednesday and we are halfway thru the week. How's your week going?

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Beth said...

Those meltdown pics are so sad. Poor baby girl. Hope you girls get a good night's sleep tonight, sweetheart.