Friday, September 17, 2010

33 Weeks and Grace

Do I look bellylicious or what??? :P I actually took these on....shoot I can't remember what day but earlier this week. So lets see whats going on with the lil Man. He is 4 pounds and about 17 inches long, which I just remembered Grace was 21 inches long when she was born, so they are getting close. The says something to the effect of, "Before you were sashaying and now your waddling." I turned to Daddy just now and said, "Well now, I have been waddling for at least a month now probably more!" I had thought that the baby was going into specific sleep and wake patterns but I think not, because he is just as active as ever moving around all the time. Have I mentioned that he likes to poke his one foot or heel or something in my upper right rib cage ALL THE TIME??? Really, its true I find my hand always on the right side pushing back against his lil foot or something. I am sure he is just trying to stretch out and get cozy, but its not.
Here's our lil Monkey. Isn't she sweet, we had a snuggle session tonight because we were all worn out after dinner. Her peditrician confirmed that he thought her finger was in fact a staph infection of MRSA and we will know next week if it is. But for now she is on antibiotics with daddy and we have a rigorous cleaning schedule. Grace, Daddy and I are to have a new towel with every bath. We are to wash everything in bleach, and our sheets 2-3 times a week. Grace is supposed to have a bath with bleach in it because her skin breaks out in excema that those parts are more susceptible to the MRSA. So the bleach baths are supposed to help out by killing that bacteria in the surface of her skin. Also we swabbed the special ointment we got on a Q-Tip and then rubbed that in each nostril to prevent bacteria from colonizing or something like that. But just so you all don't worry too much, her Dr. did say that we did catch it early and with the antibiotics and precautions it should go away in about 10-12 days.

Its hard to tell but I took a pic of her lil pinky finger wrapped in red bandage to keep her bandaid on and moist. Our biggest challenge will be to keep her finger from scabbing and moist.

I also have to call my OB on Monday, apparently their office was closed today and let him know so he can take any precautions needed for the lil brother. We are thankful that he is still safely tucked inside his Mama's womb growing big and strong (very strong) and not here for when we are dealing with this. I am of course to be washing my hands regularly and all the other things we have to do with this as well.

Oh and an update on Daddy's leg too. He had his follow up appointment today and they ended up removing a cyst the size of a marble from his leg and stitched him up. He is not supposed to be active to keep the stitches in. The Dr. thought that he had this orginal infection months ago and that the cyst formed from scar tissue healing and reoccuring again and again. The dr. numbed him up pretty good for that and he didn't feel any pain of the actual surgical procedure. So that was good.
All in all we are happy to be together and rest this week as a family. I know we are all tired from the week of being apart (missing daddy) and myself being way pregnant that we are ready for a low key weekend. Well right after we clean everything with bleach that is! Ha! Thanks for all the prayers and support! We love you!

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