Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hate grafitii....

....especially when its in my house, with a sharpie, by my 2year old...don't you?

I finally uploaded pictures from our last zoo trip with a girlfriend and her daughter. We had a good time, except Grace didn't want to climb on any of the fake animals.

Look how long Aaron looks here! And he is wearing is little shoes...I forgot about that.

Look at that face!

Aaron loved looking at the ducks in the pond so much!

Today I was bored so we went over to the mall and had lunch and walked around. I wanted to see what size shoe Aaron is and see what kind of cute shoes were out there for him. I also looked at and picked up some maternity jeans and a cute top. I already can't fit into my jeans so I am going to be buying more maternity clothes most likely.

I also got an interesting visit from animal control this afternoon. Apparently we own 6 german shepherds that bark all day instead of just 2. Hmm, I didn't know I was that crazy!

Looking forward to playgroup tomorrow and a visit from Papou on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

ashley if u want to get the sharpie off, try using a dry erase marker. Those always get sharpie off of things.