Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2nd Trimester

I am officially in the 2nd trimester now and am excited to hopefully be able to feel the baby move in a couple of weeks..the earliest they say is 16 weeks and I will be 15 weeks on Saturday. I am feeling fine and dandy these days too and making sure that I stay up on my cleaning and such because we have such a busy time coming up. Next weekend its off to SD for a wedding and then a week n half later back to SD to go camping for a long trip with me and the kids. Then back again just in time for Christmas and then New Years and then Grace's 3rd birthday which she has been telling everyone about for months now! Sometime during all that traveling I will have an ultrasound although I am not sure if we are going to find out the sex on this one or leave it a surprise. Right now I am 50/50...but I will let you know what I decide.

I can't remember if I post this picture of Grace already so it may be a repeat but its so cute how she digs in my closet and wears my high heels, especially since I really rarely wear them. Today was a pretty good day today, Aaron woke up at 6am but I gave him his paci and he fell back asleep until 740am and since he has been going to bed at 7pm I considered that pretty darn good! I am not sure if its all the teething or what but after he wakes from his afternoon nap he seems to be a bear until dinnertime and then that can be a struggle and then its like off to bed you go cranker!

I had to wait for the furnace guy to come and do a tune up on our furnace this morning so I was able to get some cleaning in and hopefully laundry finished up tomorrow after playgroup and groceries.

Poor daddy thinks he may have sprained his ankle last night coming down a bunch of stairs with his heavy toolbag and he probably saved himself from a faceful of concrete but hurt his ankle instead. He has been icing it and wrapping it and its not swollen but does bother him and he has been trying to keep off of it as much as he can.

Tonight we went and picked up our new used SUV we bought. Since daddy will not longer be having the leased vehicle for work and now using our truck we need a new mommy mobile. Also we needed one that will eventually seat more carseats. We tested the truck and it would have seated 3 car seats in there side by side, but then we couldn't really carry anyone or anything else. And since we just had family visiting back to back we do need the extra seating, and it will be nice to have a place to put the groceries too! We got a 2000 Ford Expedition that is white and has some nice perks like heated seats and mirrors. I am excited because it is about the same size as the truck is now, so I won't be driving a big ole huge SUV but it has more room like we needed. Also it is in really good shape mechanically so Daddy feels good about it being safe and reliable for us.

After we got the Expedition I was craving some Mexican food so we had dinner at a local restaurant. Boy is Aaron no fun to be around in the afternoons/evenings. The only saving grace was there was a screaming 2 year old little girl across from us that drew both of our kids attention and stopped Aaron from fussing about how he didn't want to eat his quesadilla and only eat guacamole. He did eventually start to chow down...but he can stall and fuss like a champ.

Off to home we went and off to bed he went immediately, and he goes down early just fine..so he must need it. Tomorrow is playgroup and the grocery and I will try to get some pictures of the new car up too. Right now its time to relax and enjoy the evening before bed.


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