Thursday, October 27, 2011

No pictures tonight.

Well I tried to post 2 pictures of the kids just now..but it is telling me there is an internal error. Lovely.
K's last day of work was today! On Monday he starts with his new company and is really excited. We are excited to have him home for awhile too! Even though he hasn't been traveling the last couple weeks, he had a really big job to do with practically no help so he was working a lot of OT and we didn't really see him a lot. His ankle is getting better, it seems to like some support and feels ok when he has his steel toe boots on. At home walking around in his stocking feet it tends to hurt more, so some more rest is needed which is what we will be doing this weekend!
Again I didn't get any pictures of the new SUV yet...hopefully tomorrow. We just stayed home and did a bunch of laundry today. Tomorrow I have a couple of errands to run that need to get done this weekend.
Aaron has been doing a lot better with his sleeping even though he has still be cranky with the teething, the teething tablets I bought yesterday seem to be working! I checked tonight and that 2nd top tooth looks even more ready to pop through than before, I can see a 'line' of tooth now instead of a point. :)
Pretty consistently he has been sleeping from 7pmish to 7 or even 8am. Last night he went to bed 7:40 and he woke up at 7 this morning but then quieted himself down and stayed asleep until about 8:20. I actually took a shower before I got the kids up today. I usually take my shower during morning nap because I am just not a morning person and can have more time...although it changes all the time because I also used to work out during morning nap and take a quicker shower. Aaron's naps seem to be shortening a little, but it is working out ok because he is going to be earlier typically. Today his morning nap was really short but then I was able to tuck him back in for another hour for his afternoon nap.
We watched Rio tonight with Grace and she loved having movie time with daddy while I let Aaron play upstairs before bed. Did I tell you all I got an amazing deal on maternity clothes the other day?? 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts each just .97 cents! If I did..sorry I am pregnant! lol!
I think that is all the update for now...just looking forward to having a relaxing weekend with Daddy before me and the kiddos head to SD next weekend.

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Beth said...

You are an awesome shopper! Seriously, you can't buy the material for that on sale! :) Can't wait to see you all again! xoxo