Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday it was cold and rainy. I normally try to hit the grocery store after playgroup on Wednesdays because once I am out with the kids I want to get that chore done. However, since yesterday was the last playgroup for one of our moms (their family is moving out of state) we all stayed and chit chatted way too long! It was almost 1pm before we left. Poor Aaron was getting a bit cranky and telling me that he was hungry and tired. So we hit Del Taco and brought it home to eat before naps. So we hit the grocery store after. At playgroup it wasn't raining until we were leaving and so here are the kids bundled up to go to the grocery store. Normally I don't like hitting the grocery store in the rain or snow with the kids, however we had no essentials! Isn't Grace just a doll in this little red fleece jacket, it fits her perfectly now! Aaron was not having it, he was like can we go already??? And right after I took this he wiggled and fell on his hands and feet. Thankfully no tears.

This was today and I was trying to get a picture of these super cute slipper socks that I have been waiting forever to put on him. Since we got more rain today and some parts of Salt Lake even got snow and for sure the mountains did, I had to try them. They are 6-12 months and they fit perfectly. You can't really see them too well, but they are blue and brown and have this cute brown stitching. My friends mom sent them to me when Aaron was born-Thanks again Mrs. K!

I don't know about you all, but I am not quite ready for snow yet. Some nice crisp fall days, some pumpkin picking and carving. Warm comfort food and Halloween, yes, but Supposedly it is going to be in the 70's again next week, which I am glad for because I want to get a bounce house for Aarons birthday! So I am praying that, that is the weather we get! :)

Here is a blurry smile.

Standing right in front of me this afternoon. I had the camera out to get Grace, and always try to get Aaron but he is just too darn wiggly.

Grace loves wearing my high heels, and this was the second pair she tried on this afternoon. She walks so easily in them...its a crack up because she walks click clack up and down the hall. And then Aaron was following her, I think he wanted to play with whatever she was playing with today. He kept grabbing her blue bear earlier today as well. Big sisters sure are cool!

We have a fun weekend planned. My dad is coming to visit and we are excited to see Papou! Then next weekend it's Memaw and Pepaw to visit for Aarons birthday. And the craziness continues until the new year. Hope your all get ready for a fun weekend!

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