Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaron's 1st Birthday Party

I finally uploaded all the pictures from Aaron's birthday. There are a lot so beware! I wanted to rent a bounce house for Aaron's birthday from the beginning because we have a lot of kid friends now. Also because since most of those kids are Grace's age and her birthday is in January she probably won't ever get a BBQ kind of outside party. So I went with a frog theme using green and yellow as the theme colors. I made this sign myself with just regular old construction paper. The bounce house! The kids had a blast and Grace was thrilled when we came home and saw it all set up. She went with me and Memaw to run last minute errands, so she got some one on one time too. She was a great help!

I had daddy take the tents that were giving to us last year and put them up for the younger kids and it was perfect! The non jumpers could play inside and they got to have fun too!

The food table all set up!

Aaron's high chair all decorated up thanks to Memaw!

I saw this color combination of brown with an apple green online somewhere using other mediums and thought what a great idea for a goody bag. I just bought lunch sacks and found this super cute stamp at Michaels for .99 cents. I had Grace help me and we just used regular green paint for the stamp and she helped me press the bags. I just filled them with one candy, a rubber squishy ball in yellow or green and then 8 Crayola Crayons wrapped up in green yarn. My mom helped me assemble the bags too. I had planned to do this all a month ago...however I got pregnant and felt like doing the bare minimum.

Chocolate cupcakes I had a mix for. Those are green chocolate frogs I made with a mold I bought for a dollar. I did do those ahead of time but I only made a few and so we just put a few on here and there.

The birthday cake and the 'smash' cake I got free. I love how the colors turned out and I put those little frogs on the cake..they were like .50 cents each. And the birthday napkins..clearanced for a buck per package.

My sweet excited for her friends to come over before the party.

The birthday boy!

So hard to get pictures of him..but you can kind of see that his shirt says Birthday Boy.

Birthday boy on the mom says he will be running by the time we go camping for Thanksgiving and I think she is right, everyday he just picks it up a little more.

Eating his birthday dinner..chips, green jello, green dogs! The best! lol

The guests! Well at least the adults!

Memaw and Pepaw!


Grace's buddy..

Friends being silly!
The grandma's!

Aunt and Uncle.

Another friend!

And Daddy of course. I didn't manage to get me...but I am glad I did manage to get some pictures, because I wanted to video tape more and I didn't! I only video taped Aaron doing his cake, which was a hoot because he put it all over his little blond bald head.

He does have more hair now, especially in the back its long. It just isn't coming in very much in the front, so he really does look bald. My mom was like oh he does have hair..its hard to tell from the pictures. Maybe I can try to capture his head! lol

Aaron also didn't really 'get' opening his presents however..he did get a bunch of balls and trucks that he loves! He loves throwing balls and thinks he is so cool. In fact he got a little 'bath' ket ball set for the bathtub and he loves throwing those little basketballs around.

All in all it was a great party! And now I have a 1yr old and a 2yr old! His 12 month check up is on November 1st so I will fill in all the details then with his stats.

Also he is getting his 4th tooth his second one on the top and feeling pretty cranky. His nose has been running a lot whether its from a little cold or his teeth I don't know for sure, but will be glad that he should be all better by the time we got to San Diego for my brother's wedding in 2 weeks.

That's it for tonight! Night!

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