Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday at home

We didn't do anything today but hang out at home. Aaron woke up at 5:50 right after daddy got into the shower. Then I was able to get him to go back down until about 8am. He is still cranky and that tooth hasn't popped through yet. I love these pictures of him from a few weeks ago when my dad was here he just looks so grown up! And the he is wearing the new shoes they got for him.

A picture of my first born cutie pie.

Tomorrow we are going to look at cars...need to find a new vehicle for running around with the kids and might as well get one that has third row seating now that the new little babe is on the way. Also we are going to get pumpkins tomorrow and Grace is thrilled that Daddy will be home and going with us. He has been working mad overtime the last 3 weeks and she is so excited. Her little life is just full of wonderful things this fall!

I hope to get a caramel apple because I have been craving one for like 2 weeks now!

And for some reason I had to take a picture and post it of my yummy healthy lunch today. I made egg salad and then we had some kiwis for the first time. Of course my little Air Bear loved them...Grace took some convincing but ate her carrots real good (no ranch for her!). In the end she ate all her kiwis without too much fuss, but isn't funny how they act like you are giving them poison to eat?? Looking at this now makes me hungry too!

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