Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Months Old Today!

Sarah is 3 months old today! Ha Ha...I don't normally put a little sign up like this when I do pictures and probably for this very reason.  I was too lazy to go downstairs and get a piece of printer paper, so I just used a paper plate.  Sarah is doing so well and I want to finally let everyone know that she can roll over.  I kept forgetting to mention it, she has been able to do it for a few weeks now, but since I don't really give her a lot of tummy time I kept forgetting. And she is working hard to go from her back to her stomach.  I think it's because she is so strong and active, she is just always going. 
 She wears a size 2 diaper and she wears a range of clothing from 3 months to 3-6 month clothes.  Although I did just dig out of the 6-9 month tub of Grace's clothes the cutest lil tank top and blue shorts.  I have to have her wear them this summer, they were one of my favorite little outfits of Grace's.  Maybe tomorrow.  Also I think I will have to be digging in that tub for bigger pajamas, some of her 3 month ones are getting too small, especially in the arms.  She had terrible naps today and I didn't get a thing done.  Well only 1 thing to be exact...vacuum.  She still loves to be held and walked around and will almost fall asleep in my arms.  Tonight we went out to dinner with friends and I nursed her right before we left hoping she could be chill and fall asleep, but as soon as we got seated she wanted to be held.  So I held her while I ate and she was happy just watching the conversation and then passed out.  She is drooling a lot these days and it occurred to me, that she might be teething.  That would be a shocker, because both of the big kids didn't get teeth until about 9 months I think.  But of course both the big kids were early too and she was right on time! Every kid is different! But as far as temperament she is still just as happy as can be.  She is waking up more often to nurse, so maybe a growth spurt?
She will sleep in the car but usually when we arrive at our destination she will wake up. She has lost most of her hair and she reminds me of a little Marine because its long on top and nothing on the sides and some in the back.  And her hair is getting lighter.  It used to be so dark and long and now I have to wait to see it again! 
She is a very sweet happy easy going girl!
Just a quick mention for Grace because I keep forgetting this, but it is so cute.  When we went hiking up in the mountains several weeks ago one Sunday we taught Grace about making an echo sound.  Since then whenever she is somewhere that can echo her voice (mainly a parking garage) she yells.  At first she shouted, "Mango!" and I was so confused.  Then I got it that she was trying to remember how to say Echo! She now says Echo, but it was so cute!
Another thing Grace is becoming kind of dramatic lately.  Which is weird because she was always so chill easy going.  I think it may be an attention thing because Sarah is here.  But some days it is drama city with her!
Anyways I wanted to get that posted and I got to get to bed early tonight! Love Yous!

 Sitting up with Mommy's and Grace's help.

 Getting her sun.

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Beth said...

She's growing so fast! I love the pics of Sarah and Grace together. So sweet.