Sunday, July 1, 2012

What we have been up to...

Grace loves playing dress up and she has her Belle and TinkerBell costumes that she wears all the time.  Friday she asked me, "Can we play dress up?" So I got down a costume for Aaron to wear.  Ha Ha he was 'The Beast' and she was Belle.
 And the lil peanut fell asleep in her swing.  She has been liking it more and more.  She will actually look at herself in the mirror on it and hit the rattle on the bottom of the mirror.  She gets bored really quickly, but I can get maybe 15 minutes out of the swing.  Unless she is tired and just ate, then she might fall asleep like here. 
 Friday evening we grabbed the jogging stroller after dinner and drove over to a local trail for a walk with the kiddos.  They were king of on one, so we had hoped to take the edge off them with some exercise.

 After her 'run' she had to get a good drink.  It was pretty hot out.
 This is how we roll when Grace wants to ride.  It is incredibly hard to push it this way, especially if you want to turn.  The front wheel is not a swivel so you have to lift up the front and then turn it.  Imagine doing that with about 70 pounds of babies in there!
 Checking out the bicyclist go by...fascinating. The riding didn't last long though because shortly after Grace got on we realized we had a flat tire so we got her off and I piggy backed her bak to the truck.  We didn't want to bust our rim.  It was actually about  1 1/2 mile walk in total.

 Saturday morning we had a group of ladies/girls come over to paint Aarons room as a service project to us.  This is such a God thing.  I had been thinking and thinking how I wanted to get this room painted and I really needed help watching the kids.  I know a couple of girls that go to our church that could be a mothers helper for me that go to our church.  Our church is about 20 minutes south from us and it really is incomvient to drive and take 3 kids to pick up a babysitter.  So I was not sure what to do.  Then I got a special request email from our church asking for service projects to do this Saturday the 30th.  They were hosting a leadership conference for 150 teenagers and needed to keep them busy and wanted them to serve.  I was SO excited when I read that email and immediatly submitted a form for them to come do my room.  I had no idea how many people submitted requests for help, but I was hopeful!  And we got chosen! The cool thing was the girls drove from CO and there was 4 of them and they all wanted to stick together and were nervous about doing heavy lifting or something.  So they were thrilled to get my project!  Praise God! Makes me cry just thinking about it again.  They were so sweet to, talking to the kids (mainly Grace she just wanted to hang with them) and did a great job in the alloted time. So here is the reoom before it got the new color up.  And if you go back a few months in my blog I have pictures of Aaron's room all finished that are better.  But the room was a dark green, I think it was called turtle when I bought it.  I really like it 4 years ago.  This picture makes it look lighter than it was as well because the window is open.
 Air Bear hanging in the hallway watching the girls.
 She blinked, but she basically stood in the doorway while they painted and chit chatted and watched.
 The girls and the mom, and Grace.  I am SO SO SO thankful for them coming to do this.  I was like a little kid and with the four of them doing it, they busted it all out in about 3 1/2 hours. 
 The final color, this is with the green painters tape still up.  Also when we bought this house we painted the ceilings a white color with a hint of yellow in it and with the pretty blue I picked (called Glass Bead) it totally goes with the color scheme.  I will take more pics of the room all put together.  Hopefully I can get them switched around tomorrow, and then I have some other crafty things to decorate their room, so more pics when I get those done.  K took the tape off last night and of course there was some touching up to do where the paint missed.  So that is what I did today after church , well after Aaron's nap.  Since all the furniture was out, I caulked the base boards (1st time caulking-so easy!) we never got around to that when I was pregnant with Grace.  Then I had to save Sarah from herself and so she and I did the touch up painting together.  It looks FABULOUS and I can't wait for it all to come together!
 Me and my lil peanut, she really is happy most times, just not here in this picture!
 Grace before church this morning while I nursed Sarah.  She slept from 9:30-4am and then from 5-9am.  Pretty nice!
 After church while Aaron napped we painted.
 Do you think she could join the 'Blue Man Group'?
Well thats what we did this weekend! We were busy busy little bee's!

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