Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Thought that I had more pictures of the kids that I hadn't posted yet, but I don't. 
This morning K and I both woke up feeling terrible!  K was up a few times early this morning and I was up with Sarah at 5:50 for an hour.  Then she fell asleep.  After K got up and got in the shower I tried falling asleep again and kept chilling.
K came home after lunch so we could help each other.  The hard thing about today was that Sarah only took like 2 30 minute naps. 
We finally both started feeling better at dinner time and took the kids out to a local hamburger place where Aaron ate a ton of food.  He is such a picky eater normally, but he just kept eating and eating and then we all shared a banana split.  Then he came home and wanted to "Eat! Eat!" I gave him a couple of  Nilla Wafers but he wanted back up in his high chair and eat his leftover Craisins and sandwich.  Can we say growth spurt???
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can get some steps/exercise in.  


Beth said...

Hungry Boy!!! Hope everyone is feeling better today! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Testing to see if I can post a comment