Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday, K watched the kiddos and I went out with my girlfriends.  We went out to a nice Italian restaurant called Biaggi's and had dinner first.  Since we were downtown we decided to walk and found a martini bar where we just had a few drinks and laughed and talked into the wee hours of the night.  We all had a blast, and the kids were great for K.  Aaron was fussy yesterday and K told me he went to bed a little early despite having a really good nap.  And this morning he slept late but is still kind of cranky, so I am not sure what his deal is.    
Lunch on Thursday, the kids were cracking up about something.

 Sarah yesterday wearing a new outfit.  I have broken out a lot of new 6 month clothes and this outfit is so cute. Fits pretty good.  Crazy that my newly turned 3 month old is wearing 6 month clothing.

 This was this morning in 6 month pjs that fit perfect! She is getting so big.
I weighed myself this morning and lost another 1/2 pound.  I ate out a couple times this week and tried to estimate my calories, but I may have underestimated a bit.  Good to know and I am learning more and more about how to count calories and make good eating choices.
Still loving my FitBit, and thought it was great that I got to walk around and count steps while I went out with my friends last night!
Time to go log some food!

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