Saturday, July 28, 2012


Grace has been practicing her letters and I set up a chart on the refrigerator so we can put a sticker down whenever she learns to write a new letter and then numbers.  I told her that if she can get a sticker on everyone we can go get a special toy for her.  Well the last couple of days she hadn't really been interested in writing on the pad of paper with the pen.  But then yesterday they were playing outside and I got them some new pieces of chalk, they have a bunch and Grace went to town writing the letters she knows.  So I asked her, "Do you want to write the letters in your name, Mommy can help you?" And she was thrilled with that idea (guess writing with chalk is way more cooler).  So after lots of practicing the letters she didn't quite have all the way she finally got her name written.  She was so proud of herself! So she ran in to get daddy and show him.  She still has a little trouble with A and C, sometimes A looks like H because she learned H first and then C sometimes gets a little sideways, but she is doing great!
 Originally I was holding Sarah helping her, so I was pointing with foot to where the next letter went and she picked up on that. Ha!

 Love snuggles! Well Aaron did, I think Sarah was done with it.
 Aaron being silly walking backwards and then pretending to fall.

 She was focused!  I kept asking her to look up so I could take her picture with her name, but she just kept writing and writing and writing.
 Finally I got a smile! You can still see her black eye, but any other blue on her face is chalk.  And that's a Chuck E Cheese tattoo on her arm.
Had a busy Saturday today.  I was up a LOT with Sarah and then K had to get up early to do a job and I was up with Sarah when he left and of course Grace didn't sleep in either.  Then we had one of my girlfriends family members come by to meet us because we are going to see if she wants to house/dog sit for us in a month, when we go on vacation.  Later after lunch I packed up the kiddos on the jogging stroller and walked over to Smiths to get a couple of things I needed for dinner.  It was warm but not too hot and the kids napped good afterward and I got some steps in!
Oh an I weighed myself this morning and I am down another 1.5 lbs! So excited! That's 5 lbs in 3 weeks, so hopefully I can keep up the good/hard work.  Another cool thing is that I tried on a pair of normal jean capri's in a smaller size and they fit!  Well I hear Grace jibbering away still and its 9:10 here and K is snoring on my left.  I better wrap this up! Night!

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