Thursday, July 26, 2012

How'd she get that Shiner???

It was about 10:30pm last night when K and I were getting ready to go to sleep when I heard a thump and then I heard Grace start crying.  I figured she fell out of bed and jumped up to go see her.  She was sitting in her bed with her back facing me but she wasn't really crying hard.  I turned her around and started consoling her but even in the dark with only a night light I could see a dark spot under her eye.  So I lightly touched under her eye and felt a hard lump there. Of course that freaked me out! (Especially since Aaron just cut underneath his eye up) Took her into our bathroom and under her eye (same place has Aaron's) she has a huge swelling and bruise already forming.  So K and I took her downstairs with an icepack (she was shrieking and freaking out, screaming bloody murder like you think we were taking her downstairs to lock her up or something, just because we had that ice pack) and turned on some Veggie Tales while we iced her eye for about 20 minutes.  It helped considerably and the swelling went down, so we came and put her back to bed.  2:20 am comes and I get up with Sarah and 2:40 comes and so does Grace, because she is scared of some shadow.  I finish up nursing Sarah and then we put her back to bed and then Grace to bed and then me to bed. Whew!
And so this is her eye this morning.
 And actually it looks worse now.  Especially looking at it again once K got home because he hadn't seen her since last night.  Yeah she has a nice shiner.  Luckily the nice cashier at the grocery asked me what happened to her and didn't immediately call CPS.  I think what happened is that she sat up while she was sleeping and then fell back down hitting her eye on the railing of her toddler bed.

 And then there was Aaron, my sweet second child, who is constantly checking to make sure gravity is turned on, as my husband likes to say.  Our days are filled with the pitter patter of little feet and then...WHAM!...CRY!. And today at the grocery he managed (for the second time) to get his middle fingernail pinched underneath the gripping thing on the handle bar of the grocery cart, where it says the stores name.  I use one of the big carts that has 2 red plastic seats in front and then a big space before it attaches to a regular cart.  That way I can stick the big kids in the seats and Sarah in her car seat up front and have lots of room for my groceries and even an easy to reach spot for the diaper bag.  It's a wide load but it works.
 Yeah so he hurt himself at the store then managed to stand up underneath our kitchen table which is oak this afternoon.  Poor kid was a mess today.
 But he ate a really good dinner, ground turkey tacos, which makes this momma happy.  It's hard to get protein in this boy!
 And then there is the precious Sarah and her many faces I love.

 This is a K face, totally reminds me of her daddy.
 And this is the scrunched up nosey face I love.
 Such a big girl in her little exersaucer. 
Well I can't believe this week is almost over.  I have been trying to get back on track with my eating and exercising after being sick.  And have been having a hard time, I think it was that banana split that we all shared that did me in! ;) But hopefully I have done enough, we will see in a few days!

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Beth said...

Makes me sad to see her shiner...poor sweet girl...give each one a kiss from Memaw! Love all of Sarah's expressions and Aaron's too!