Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cutest lil Peanut

Just wanted to get some new pictures of our little peanut on the blog.  I took these today as she was so cute trying to sit up.  So I propped a blanket behind her head in a sitting position.  She really doesn't like reclining back so much.  I think she will be sitting on her own early.  She can lift her head up far!

 It was hot today,102 , but it also rained this morning. Daddy got the lawn mowed right before it started raining so it was decently warm.  Took the kids to get a free slurpee at 7-11 because today is the eleventh of July and they didn't have lids for their free cups, so ended up paying for the small cup for the kids.
Tried to take a bunch of baby clothes to Kid to Kid as well.  That was a bust, not sure now if I want to take the clothes to them.  They make it so hard for a busy mom.  And really who are their primary customers?? Busy moms.  But yet they want me to wait there and sort the clothes for them, so they can decided they want to take half of the clothes I've brought and then donate the rest.  If they do donate them. Who knows?!
I kind of want to donate them, but if I do I want to donate the clothes to someone who is really needy.  Maybe a new mom who doesn't have any family to help her, or a low income family.  I don't know Just what I was kind of thinking. 
Well so far I am loving my new FitBit and already feeling more active.  And eating better, trying to not snack on crackers and chips but fresh veggies and fruit.  Also trying to count mt calories which is something I have never really done and actually don't really like doing.  I think its kind of a pain, but do know the importance of it.  Looking forward to seeing some progress!
Well time to go to bed. Sarah slept so good last night, like from 7:30 to 1:45 and then she woke up again but I don't remember the time and then she slept late until almost 8am.  So were hoping for a repeat! Night!

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Beth said...

I was amazed at how well she does propped up like that and tries to sit forward. I agree, she will be sitting up early! So glad you like your Fitbit and it's helping you! You're doing great!

Maybe your pastor knows of a needy family in your church that needs baby clothes? Or even start something there to help low income families with baby clothes/items?