Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I thought I had more pictures that I hadn't uploaded from a little while ago but I didn't have as many as I thought.The first 2 are from before the 4th of July, and the Grace holding Sarah is right after the 4th I think. 
 We found this little lawn mower while out for a walk around our neighborhood, it has a free sign on it.  This makes popping noises when you push it.  Aaron seems to enjoy it, dontcha think?
 Grace is still enjoying being a big sister and asked to hold Sarah again today.  She is so cute the way almost every morning that Sarah is awake before Grace, she will come in and just talk and talk to her and make her smile.  Sarah loves Grace just as much as Grace loves her I think.  Sarah also loves her hand and sucking on her little fingers. She is getting so big!

 We had such a good long weekend.  On Saturday we walked around the dog park like I said.  Then Sunday we got in touch with some of our family that had come out for a week vacation up in Park City.  They had Sunday free so we started figuring out how to stay a night up in Park City.  K had some points with Hilton and Marriot from all of his traveling and we ended up getting a totally sweet suite (ha ha) at the Marriot Mountainside.  We had a king bed in our room with this huge deep bathtub and then there was an adjoining living room/kitchen and then another room with a king bed.  It was so nice, wish we could have stayed their longer! Especially because they had a bunch of fun activities for kids and families to do.  Like finger painting, and tie dyed shirts, junk food bingo and on and on.  They also had a huge heated pool and like 6 hot tubs, BBQs for grilling out by the pool and fire pits for the kids to make smores. 
Another thing that was going on in Park City was a street fair and we chose to walk to that.  I was glad for it because it meant again I could get a bunch of steps and exercise in and spend time with my family.  First thing we did was get the kids faces painted.  Grace loved her purple butterfly (favorite color of course) although not so sure about Aaron.  But they did enjoy the walking and people watching and riding in the jogging stroller.  And of course they were thrilled to see their family later on that night for dinner.  We met them up in their condo and shared their dinner before heading back up to our suite.  Then the kids got put to bed in their king bed to share.  Not so sure if Aaron liked sleeping in a big bed or with his very active sister.  Well actually they are both active sleepers.  At first they kept getting out of bed and coming to see us.  Then finally they fell asleep, but twice Aaron woke up and K went in to check on him and he was sitting crossed legged with his back against the headboard just zoned out staring. 
We brought Sarah's little cosleeper travel bed and she uses that at home.  It was a good test because I was planning on having the big kids sleep in twin beds when we go on vacation to Angels Camp but wasn't sure how Aaron will do.  Still not sure if he or Sarah will use the pack n play for our vacation because Sarah may outgrow the cosleeper before then!
Anyway it was great and then Monday morning we kicked back and made egg on toast for breakfast in our kitchen and relaxed, before checking out and getting some lunch.  After lunch we met up the family at the Olympic Park to cruise around and watched the people practice doing their ski jumps into a pool.  It was a great day and it only started to rain right as we were leaving back down the hill for home.

Today we had playgroup and it was great that my friend Jessie was back from Cali with her kiddos to host playgroup at her house.  She had the biggest heart and was missed very much while she was gone visiting her family. After playgroup it was lunch on the go and then groceries because we didn't have any food!
I also got in an interval workout in and about half a mile on the treadmill before all the babes started waking from their late naps. 
Then it was time to make dinner, hamburgers and corn on the cob and french fries.  I was going to attempt to use the BBQ for my burgers since K got home late....but...he screwed the propane knob so tightly I couldn't open it.  Oh well I made my burgers on the stove top and they were delish! And he wasn't home so late that he couldn't help with the kids and see them.  The only bummer was that Sarah wanted to be held while I cooked and that wasn't happening, so she was pretty made by the time I sat down to eat and hold her.  She was probably tired she had bad naps today.  She falls asleep in the car but tends to wake up when I stop the car.  It usually isn't a big deal because it refreshes her and she is good for a little while. 
Well its getting late and I need to go shower and get the sweat off from my working out! So far I am still loving my FitBit and if I lose more weight this week I will be even more thrilled!

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