Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Saturday night fun

Tonight I was cleaning and vacuuming our bedroom and I heard Grace and KSov playing in the other room. So I went out there and they were playing with one of the dogs bells. We have jingle bells on our back door for the dogs to ring when they have to go out. They usually only ring them when they "really have to go". But our Lil Miss thought that chasing one of the jingle bells and throwing them and ringing them was lots of fun. Oh and no worries this was a very supervised game. Here she is giving Daddy a good..."Rugga". We made that word up for Briggs when we first got him. And now use it for lots of things but lately she likes to chomp our shoulders and yell into them at the same time as she arches her back and kicks her feet into your side. Almost like, "Mommy I love you so much I have to yell and slobber all over you!!!" So thats a Rugga.

She was wearing cute clothes this morning but this was the third outfit change. We had 2 leaky diapers today!

Here Mom gimme that.

I love this picture one because she looks so darn cute and the other because after this KSov and I were sitting foot to foot making a small pen with our legs for her and we would take turns "walking" her to the other parent. By that I mean holding her from behind like Daddy is here and seeing if she wants to try to take a couple of actual steps. And guess what?? She actually did! She took about 2 steps unassisted from Mommy to Daddy! Then she started getting silly on us and just sort of leaned forward to the other parents outstretched hands.

Ok so here is the video of the bell chasing. Check out that arm!

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