Friday, November 13, 2009

She's a walking...

Here are 2 videos I took of Grace walking. Of course the one on the right is the one I took first and then you can't ever see her face in the one on the left but you can really see her walking. She knows how to walk she just has to want to! Plus she thinks its funny when she is close enough to just lean into mine or KSov's hands and not really move her feet.

This little girl thinks she is hilarious now. She loves to throw things on the floor and cracks herself up doing it! She also loves exploring the dogs water dish and only stops when we call her name in that tone. And then say No No.

Poor Briggs he is such a good dog with her. Today he was laying with me on the floor in her room and she kept crawling back and forth from her room where I was and our room where daddy was. A few mintues before she had been interested in Briggsy and was doing good pointing at him. (Yes now we point at the dogs and pet with our one finger instead of hitting them). Then she crawled to our room and was playing with her triangle toy for a min. The next thing I know she is back with her thumb in poor Briggsy eye trying to stand up using his head and eye ball for support. Poor dog! He just layed their and took it the whole time, what a good boy. Kayla on the other hand doesn't even let the Lil Miss even get that close! She is up and out of there before she can come to a complete stop!

Speaking of Lil Miss, KSov discovered an amazing song the other night and I hav been trying to figure out how to post it on my blog. So instead of keep this blog waiting, I am going to wrap it up and see if I can't post it seperate later.

Today we got the Jeep cleaned up and ready to sell. We also came across a couple used Ford Taurus that we looked into buying. As soon as we sell the Jeep we are going to buy a run around car for me. I will miss driving our truck but I know KSov will be happy driving it, and it means getting out of a car payment so I can be at home with the Lil Miss. Tomorrow we are going to check out some used cars we saw on KSL try to get an idea of what we want and what we can afford and what will last. The one Taurus we saw was a 1996 for $2495 with only 80,000 miles on it. Thats what we are looking to spend is between 2-3 thousand. So hopefully we will sell the Jeep faster than the Yamaha, ha ha! KSov is still putting the bike up but I have no more pre-conceived ideas of selling now that its winter. But maybe who knows! If not it will get sold come spring. All in good time.

Winter, ah yes we are supposed to get a storm sometime today or tomorrow we will see if it comes this weekend. I really hope so I am looking forward to be warm and cozy by the fire.

I just have to wrap this post up with a short little hooray for me. I have been working out on our treadmill. I orginally decided to, not to be healthy or lose weight but mostly to put my anxiety about money into a healthy outlet. I was constantly stressing about not being home with my baby and being a good wife and stressing about money this and money that. I know that I was driving my poor husband insane if not away, and I didn't want that. Nor did I ave any control over it despite what I wanted to think. So I have been spending my nights on the treadmill after Pooks is in bed and today wrapped up my 4th week! I am feeling good and may or may not have lost 3 pounds which I am really not concerned with. And I may have lost inches, who knows?? I haven't changed my eating habits too much because I don't want to obsess on my weight. Just trying to drink more water and less Coke. And with the Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and all the treats I don't want to add another stresser.

The last 2 nights I played with using the 5K event training. Um yeah that kinda kicked my butt. It starts out slow for like 2 minutes! Then jumps to a 6.5! The highest I have ran is a 6 for maybe like 30-60 seconds! HA! I gotta build up to that running at 6.5 but I have been going for the 3.1 miles. I am so glad that I no longer feel so much stress and anxiety about that. I know that I will get to be home and that we are working towards that goal, together as a team! I love you all........................................xoxoxo

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yay! way to go gracie! she's doing so well :)...and that "mommy" i heard was pretty good too! what a little smarty pants!